compatible toner


Which toner is compatible?

Compatible toner describes toner that is made for refilling and comes not directly from the original printer manufacturer, but is "copied" by another firm. In plain text, this means that it is considerably cheaper toner, because on the one hand it comes without a cartridge and on the other hand does not need to subsidize printers crossways.
Following this, there is no incompatible toner to your product, but the original toner is the opposite of the compatible toner. The original toner is praised qualitatively considerably higher but has not been able to win through against the more reasonably priced "compatible toner".

Why ist it called compatible toner?

If the toner is compatible and there is no such thing as an incompatible toner, then where is the sense?
In fact, the clumsy concept would be superfluous if it weren't for the jurisdiction. The printer industry (toner industry) failed repeatedly to have compatible toner forbidden completely by law, however they succeeded to enforce a visible distinction in the name. Therefore the name compatible toner was born. In fact, there are even more current and common concepts with different origin and main emphasis, for instance Refill-Toner, refillable toner or Rebuild-Toner.

What is important to notice before buying compatible toner?

If You are not convinced yet, or even confused in between, it might help to know what You need to look out for buying compatible toner: not much, only that the toner is specific to your printer. In the process it is not enough to know manufacturer and product family, as there are quite a number of models in a series, for instance Xerox Phaser or Epson Aculaser. Just know the exact model number, containing the combination of numbers and letters that completely describes your model.
The second thing that is important is to make sure there are refill instructions for your specific printer enclosed with the toner, or You can let a refill service do the job. Because although compatible toner can generally be filled up by anyone, it takes between 5 and 10 steps, depending on the printer, to finish a complete refill.
Finally, You should know beforehand if the cartridge has to be emptied completely before or not, an essential difference depending on the manufacturer, class and type. And also look, if there are precautions to consider, like replacing some item inside or resetting the counter chips.

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