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At TONERFABRIK™ BERLIN you can make any purchase around the clock, comfortably from your home and by internet. Look through our range of products and then click on the item of interest to gain more information. To find products directly you may also enter text into the input field "search". To return to the previous site, you may click the "back" button of your webbrowser.

Your shopping cart

On the product detail page you will find an input field for the order quantity and a button "Add to shopping cart". Enter first the desired number of items and then click on "Add to shopping cart", to store the product on your virtual "shopping list".

Then you continue your purchase and put other products into the shopping cart, or process your order ("proceed to check out").

For some products we offer different variants: Here you have to first select the desired variant, for example a certain size or color, before you put the product into the shopping basket.

Comfort is our middle name

The funktion “price in different currencies” is to inform international clients about the costs of a product in their own national currency. The value is an approximate value.
The actual calculation takes place with the current prices, possibly slightly different from the shown exchange rate.

On the link "Add to memo" you can note down products without obligation for your next visit, provided the cookies are engaged. With the funktion “show memo ” you may call up the products you noted down.

On the link “recommend this product” you may send friends and acquaintances an email if you have found something in our shop that might be of interest to them. For this purpose the shop will open your email software and create a message with a direct link, to be clicked on by the recipient.

Processing your order

If you wish to see your current order list click the button “show shopping cart”. You will then have an overview over the items you already put into the basket. If you wish to change the number of items just type the new number into the input field “quantity of order” and then click “Update subtotal”. If you wish to delete an item on your list just click the delete symbol next to the produkt. To gain more information on items in the shopping basket just click on the names of the items. If your purchase is complete then click the "proceed to check out" button to continue.

Selection of shipment and payment

In the next window you may choose the kind of transportation. If forwarding expenses arise they will be indicated here. Check mark the desired form of transportation and click the “continue” button to continue to the modes of payment. There you select the kind of payment and continue again by clicking the “continue” button.

All right ?

After this you, will see indicated another summary of your order. Please check for yourself again if all items are right, if the number of items is correct and if modes of shipment and payment are selected as desired. You may also wish to see the standard terms and conditions as you have to agree with them before the conclusion of your order, by marking its check box. Afterwards, please click the "Buy article(s)" button to continue.

Your personal data

Now a window opens in which you can fill in your personal data. This window will be transferred encrypted, recognizable by a lock symbol on the lower window frame. Type in your personal data. Obligatory input fields are marked by an asterisk. If you wish to give a different address for delivery, you can do so in the form. If you wish to have your data saved for the next purchase then activate the funktion ”save adress data”. For this funktion cookies must be engaged in your browser. If all statements are complete and correct you can close the order by click on the “ok” button. You will receive a confirmation mail soon after.

Order in written form

Have you choosen the method of a written order proceeding at modes of payment, the last step of ordering differs slightly from before. In this case a window pops up with an order form. Please have it printed by activating the print funktion in your browser. Then please fill the form out clearly and have it sent or faxed to us.

Your email address

Please be particularly careful with the indication of your email address, as we use this address to contact you. The email address will also be your customer number at the TONERFABRIK™ BERLIN, with this customer number we will identify you.

Cookies und Pop-Ups

Some functions in our shop use cookies to store data on your computer. Activate cookies in your Browser and you will be able to use these functions.

Our Shop opens an encrypted transferred window to complete your purchase order.

If you use a Popup blocker software on your PC, you should deactivate this blocker in case you cannot lock the order.

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