Refill-Toner/toner to refill and refillable toner are three different notations for the same definition.

Refill-Toner/toner to refill, also called refillable toner, are the necessary refillable colors in powder form required for the refill procedure. The content comes in bottles, meant for storage, and are therefore called toner bottles. You may want to purchase one or more Refill-Toner bottles, maybe a set enclosing four bottles. Following this, you will now have to transfer the toner colors from the bottles to the cartridge before use. Only laser printers employ refill toner in powder form.

How the Refill-Toner is transferred into the toner cartridge

Transferrring the refill toner into the near empty cartridges can generally be done by anyone, but it is not trivial. There must be empty or nearly empty cartridges, depending on the laser printer model. Tonerfabrik-Berlin is positively diffferent from other suppliers, as we are the only ones to always enclose a complete instruction manual. These instructions enable you an understandable and thus easy step by step procedure using our quality products, with illustrations, picures and comprehensible text. There might be from 6 up to 10 single steps to be followed, depending on model and manufacturer. So it really is advantageous to understand, that it is perfectly more valuable to take up our good offers, even if some competition seemingly offers little lower prices

Why Refill-Toner without manual instructions are only worth half as much

Without manual instructions you might only fairly succeed in transferring the refill toner neatly and professionally, especially the first time. There are always some details to be noticed, these variable details depend on the manufacturer of the printer. Color lasers are valuable items and need considerate treatment. Do not try to save at the wrong end, instead provide that the the refill toner is handled adequately. Wrong usage might in the worst case lead to personal physical damage. This risk is minimised thanks to our professional high quality instruction manual. These instruction manuals are enclosed in printed form with each order, matching to Your laser printer.

Which laser printers get the matching Refill-Toner?

Generally, You can get refill toner for every printer, but only since the technology of laser printers with its dry powder toner, it is possible to accomplish using refill toner decently by yourself. We, at Tonerfabrik Berlin, have therefore concentrated on this kind of Refill-Toner for laser printers/color lasers. We offer refill toner for 15 laser printer manufacturers. Those are specifically laser printers from Brother, Canon, Epson, Fuji, HP, Kyocera, Lexmark, Minolta/QMS, NEC, Oki, Panasonic, Samsung, Tally, Tektronix, Xante and Xerox. To check wether your laser printer is featured, please click to your manufacturer name in the dark blue menu, or use the list of all manufacturers and matching models.


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