What is Refill ?

Refill-Toner is an english word and means to fill up or fill in anew ( prefix „re“ corresponds to the english prefix „again“). Though, the shorter english word „refill“ has gained acceptance to replace „toner to refill“). Referring to toner, refill describes a procedure of reusing the toner cartridges by filling them up. Refillable color already exists for older printers not working with a laser system. However, only the modern dry toner consisting of powder toner allows a clean refill procedure, meaning not splashing any color toner and easy to use for anybody. So with a modern refill-toner the chances of unwanted soiling becomes remarkably less, provided the correct following of instructions.

Refill is rewarding especially for laser printers (color laser printers)

Refill through toner-to-refill is worth-wile for all printers described as laser printer, color laser printer or just color laser. Toner-Refill is recommendable for laser printers because of the question of costs. New toner cartridges do not seldom sum up to the same amount as the laser printer itself. That's the way it is with Xerox color lasers. Toner cartridges cost up to 2/3 of the price of the printer. On occasion, some Samsung, Epson and OKI laser printer cartridges even cost more than the printers themselves. These high costs are not mandatory, because Refill provides the possibility to just buy reasonably priced refill toner, that makes an new cartridge unnecessary. In addition, you have the possibility to fill up just the used up single colors. So a refill allows a gradual replacement and is usable as required.

Refill instruction manual: We won't leave You alone.

Refill is a procedure that can generally be used by anybody, but You should pay attention to a few things. We, at Tonerfabrik-Berlin, are the only refill toner supplier that encloses a specific but easily comprehensible instruction manual for each printer. These instructions are well illustrated so that You can carry out a refill step by step.

Refill-Toner singles or in a set

Refill is a very flexible way to refill your laser printer. You may want to purchase a complete set containing all 4 basic colors of the CYMK spectrum: cyan, magenta, yellow and black. Further, you may choose from a 2-color set or even just a single color. While purchasing a set does not mean You have to fill up all colors immediately and at the same time. You can subdivide the refill procedure as You require it.

Is Refill dangerous to your health ?

Some customers had doubts concerning personal physical danger due to the refill procedures. We cannot completely give an all-clear to this concern. Therefore, we recommend to use the common dust mask according to regular safety standards against dust emergence. These dust masks are neither expensive nor are they complicated to use. However, they will protect You from breathing possibly contained pollutants.


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