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1 kg Refill-Toner Cyan for Ricoh SP-231/232

1 kg Refill-Toner Cyan for Ricoh SP-231/232

For customers who print much and professional users we offer 1 kg giant-size packs with our high-quality and compatible toner here. With the help of the provided refill instructions, you can easily refill the empty cartridges in a few minutes.

In order to keep the refill a neat job, we suggest to order protective gloves and a matching powder funnel in our component shop. These items are already included in our Sets and Combi-sets.

Please take into account that you must exchange the chips mandatorily or further usage of your cartridges. You find the chips in this product group.

Since the toner cartridges of this printer do not have any direct opening by which toner can be refilled, you must drill a small hole to the re-filling into the cartridge. To this we recommend our special hole-burner-set.

Extent of supply

  • » a pvc-can with 1.000 gr. (1 kg) of toner powder – Cyan
  • » (the contents of the can are sufficient for 5.0 complete cartridge refills / 200gr per cartridge)
  • » (Average yield – 200g : 6,000 pages*)
  • » also included are illustrated refill instructions in English

139,95 EUR

Product-ID: RI2301V  

from 3 piece each 135,75 EUR
from 5 piece each 132,95 EUR

incl. VAT plus shipping
basic price: 100 g = 14,00 EUR

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This refill-toner is compatible to:

  • » Lanier SP C 230 Series
  • » Lanier SP C 231 SF
  • » Lanier SP C 232 SF
  • » Lanier SP C 240 Series
  • » Lanier SP C 242 DN
  • » Lanier SP C 242 SF
  • » Lanier SP C 320 DN
  • » Lanier SP C 342 dn
  • » Nashuatec SP C 230 Series
  • » Nashuatec SP C 231 SF
  • » Nashuatec SP C 232 DN
  • » Nashuatec SP C 232 SF
  • » Nashuatec SP C 310
  • » Nashuatec SP C 310 Series
  • » Nashuatec SP C 311 N
  • » Nashuatec SP C 320 DN
  • » Ricoh Aficio SP C 230 Series
  • » Ricoh Aficio SP C 231 n
  • » Ricoh Aficio SP C 231 sf
  • » Ricoh Aficio SP C 232 dn
  • » Ricoh Aficio SP C 232 sf
  • » Ricoh Aficio SP C 242 dn
  • » Ricoh Aficio SP C 242 sf
  • » Ricoh Aficio SP C 310
  • » Ricoh Aficio SP C 310 Series
  • » Ricoh Aficio SP C 311 n
  • » Ricoh Aficio SP C 312 dn
  • » Ricoh Aficio SP C 320 dn
  • » Ricoh Aficio SP C 342 dn
  • » Ricoh SP C 342 dn
  • » NRG SP C 230 Series
  • » NRG SP C 231 SF
  • » NRG SP C 232 DN
  • » NRG SP C 232 SF
  • » NRG SP C 310
  • » NRG SP C 310 Series
  • » NRG SP C 311 N
  • » NRG SP C 312 DN
  • » NRG SP C 320 DN

Points to note when buying refill toner for the Ricoh Aficio SP C 231/232

The refill toner products we offer for the Ricoh Aficio SP C 231/232 are designed specifically for this printer and fine-tuned to this printer type. We ensure the highest quality standards through our in-house product development and constant toner ink tests. Achieving perfect printouts in brilliant colours is only possible with refill toners truly matched to the colour laser printer in question, as is the case with our compatible toner for the Ricoh Aficio SP C 231/232.
It is important to know that there is no universal toner that works in all colour laser printers. One reason for this is each printer’s technical composition, which may vary considerably. Further, each toner is individually made up of synthetic resins, pigments and magnetisable metal oxides among other ingredients.

But you can always be sure of compatible toners from a branded supplier such as Tonerfabrik Berlin. Besides top-quality, compatible toners for the Ricoh Aficio SP C 231/232, you can also depend on an easily understandable illustrated guide to refilling your empty toner cartridges at the drop of a hat. Our trained specialists are also on hand by phone, e-mail or in the online chat if you still require technical support.

* The specified range is based on a printed A4 page with 5% coverage. This is the same specification as for an original printer cartridge for the Ricoh Aficio SP C 231/232.

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