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Drum for Samsung Xpress C430/C480

Drum for Samsung Xpress C430/C480

Here we offer you one of our quality drum-units manufactured under the highest production standards, which is compatible with the Samsung™ Xpress C430/C480 (replaces Samsung CLT-R406).

All TONERFABRIK™ toner products, as well as our toners, drums and toner cartridges, are environmentally friendly, high-quality products for brilliant and color-true printing. - Toner, image drums and printer cartridges with German quality at fair prices.

Extent of supply:

  • » a compatible toner drum - 16,000 pages* - (replaces OEM CLT-R406)

58,95 EUR

Product-ID: SA3600DR  

from 3 Set each 57,18 EUR
from 5 Set each 56,00 EUR

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This toner is compatible to:

  • » Samsung CLP-360
  • » Samsung CLP-360 N
  • » Samsung CLP-360 ND
  • » Samsung CLP-360 Series
  • » Samsung CLP-365
  • » Samsung CLP-365 W
  • » Samsung CLX-3300
  • » Samsung CLX-3300 Series
  • » Samsung CLX-3305
  • » Samsung CLX-3305 FN
  • » Samsung CLX-3305 FW
  • » Samsung CLX-3305 Series
  • » Samsung CLX-3305 W
  • » Samsung SL-C 460 W
  • » Samsung Xpress C 410 W
  • » Samsung Xpress C 430
  • » Samsung Xpress C 430 Series
  • » Samsung Xpress C 430 W
  • » Samsung Xpress C 460 FW
  • » Samsung Xpress C 460 Series
  • » Samsung Xpress C 460 W
  • » Samsung Xpress C 467 W
  • » Samsung Xpress C 480
  • » Samsung Xpress C 480 FN
  • » Samsung Xpress C 480 FW
  • » Samsung Xpress C 480 Series
  • » Samsung Xpress C 480 W
  • » Samsung Xpress C 482 W
  • » Samsung Xpress SL-C 430
  • » Samsung Xpress SL-C 430 Series
  • » Samsung Xpress SL-C 430 W
  • » Samsung Xpress SL-C 460 FW
  • » Samsung Xpress SL-C 460 Series
  • » Samsung Xpress SL-C 460 W
  • » Samsung Xpress SL-C 467 W
  • » Samsung Xpress SL-C 483
  • » Samsung Xpress SL-C 483 FW
  • » Samsung Xpress SL-C 483 W

Points to note when buying compatible toner for the Samsung Xpress C430/C480

Samsung toner cartridges are complex technical devices. So also the toner cartridges of the Samsung Xpress C430/C480. A lot of technical expertise is required to manufacture printer cartridges. It starts with months of development work and technical research. Many third-party components of a printer cartridge for the Samsung Xpress C430/C480 have to be purchased from other manufacturers. These components are also subjected to a large number of tests before our product development department approves them for installation in our toner cartridges. We also place particularly high quality demands on the toner powder used in our toner cartridges, which is filled into the printer cartridges for the Samsung Xpress C430/C480. Only toner powder, which enables brilliant prints as the original toner, is used by us in the toner cartridges for the Samsung Xpress C430/C480. Regular tests of our toner cartridges ensure that we always deliver consistently high quality toner cartridges to our customers.

To a large extent, buying compatible toner is also a matter of trust. The rule is: "Inexpensive is good, too cheap is dangerous". Because the production of really high quality, compatible toner for Samsung Xpress C430/C480, which works just as well as the original printer cartridges from Samsung, is very time-consuming and cost-intensive. However, when you buy toner cartridges from a brand supplier, such as the Tonerfabrik Berlin, you do not take any risks in view of the high German quality standards.

* the number of pages refers to printed pages in A4 format with 5% page coverage, which corresponds to the range information from Samsung for original printer cartridges for the Samsung Xpress C430/C480.

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