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The toner refill ABC

Refill-Toner are tuned to the specifics matching the laser printer. Therefore you will have to know the exact model number of your laser printer. Even within one manufacturer the refillable toners are not interchangeable. So please notice the exact and complete model number of your printer. This requires the manufacturer of the laser printer as well as the model number with all necessary series digits. Take for example the Xerox Phaser 740. There is also a Phaser 780 and many others by Xerox, making the digits at the end utmost important.

Empty the cartridges completely or not?

Refill-Toner are to be used differently with each manufacturer. Some models alert their users wanting to refill some toner into a completely empty cartridge, whereas other models do just the opposite, allowing to refill some toner only if the toner is completely used up and the cartridge is empty. So do not rely on presumptions, if you can play safe with our instructions. No other supplier encloses such specific refill instructions for the matching laser printer.

Refill by myself or just buy refill toner?

Although the refill instructions are so detailed, every step explained in text and illustration, you might still want to take up our Refill-Service. Not every customer likes to get his hands colored. This ist seldom the case with laser printers, but You will still need a little bit of commitment to carefulness and time.
Just call us, we are surely more familiar with the procedure of refilling and may be able to simplify using Refill-Toner for You. Especially if You plan to refill several laser printer.

Why is it only sometimes called Refill-Toner?

toner refill is the most common word, englishized for what is also called Refill-Toner or toner to refill. Basically, this word is the most adequate synonymous for refillable toner, but hasn't won through yet. We use all three variants on the concept, refilling toner, Refill-Toner and refill toner. Mostly they are interchangable and sometimes used differently to emphasize certain aspects. You can just use the word You like most, we will understand what You mean anyhow! Further on, it behaves the same way with the concept of laser printer, color laser and color laser printer. Those are just foreign words that all mean the same thing.


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