compatible Epson AcuLaser toner, for example for the Epson AcuLaser C-900/1900 printer:

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Why take Toner-Refill instead of Epson toner cartridges from the manufacturer

We will explain why toner for the Epson AcuLaser laser printer, like the common Epson AcuLaser C-900/C-1900, doesn't really have to be toner from Epson itself. The solution's name is Refill-Toner. If we are able to convince You, then please buy this refillable toner for the Epson color laser printer right online in our shop and refill it into Your original Epson toner cartridge.

For example: AcuLaser C-900 and C-1900 from Epson:

The Epson AcuLaser C-900/C-1900 counts to the best liked laser printers from Epson. The matching toner You can either get originally from Epson or rather as a toner compatible to Epson toner cartridges. Such refillable toner we call „Refill-Toner“. Toner-Refill with its refillable toner in bottles has advantages compared to the complete toner cartridge of the manufacturer that we would like to point out. This exemplary especially with the popular printer pair Epson AcuLaser C-900 and respectively AcuLaser C-1900.

Manufacturer's toner vs Toner-Refill

Don't let it make You uncertain. Your toner doesn't have to date from Epson. Toner-Refill means as much as refilling toner, toner cartridge or printer cartridge.You can refill the Epson supplied toner cartridge or have it done by our Refill-Service. Toner-Refill is cheaper than a conventional new purchase of original Epson's toner cartridges or printer cartridges.
Still, our refill toner is compatible especially with Epson's AcuLaser C-900/C-1900. You will have no loss of functionality. Toner cartridges are not worn out after the first cycle. The components of the toner cartridge are as a rule suitable for several refill cycles.
Printer manufacturers like Epson try to raise the the impression with the customers that only original cartridges and toner of the manufacturer brand may be used and Refill-Toner may posssibly be of inferior quality. These attempts to suggest disadvantages can be principally explained, because Epson gains profits on sales of toner cartridges more than on printers. The printer prices are kept low though, so as to get customers first. This would be like gas stations selling cars cheaper that only can tank there. This method might be known to You from cell phones. There, it is even more obvious: cell phones are given away for one Euro and the providers make money on phoning costs. With laser printers, it is the expensive toner that guarantees the chief merit in the long run. Choose to buy the alternative that is equivalent but far better priced, refill toner for Your laser printer for Epson acuLaser C-900/C-1900 and other models.

Refilling toner for Epson AcuLaser: Toner-Refill (with detailled refill instructions)

The AcuLaser C-900/C-1900 requires 6 whole steps for a refill. In chronological order:

  • 1. Step: Shake toner bottle well
  • 2. Step: remove colored lid
  • 3. Step: open filler neck
  • 4. Step: empty toner cartridge
  • 5. Step: fill in toner
  • 6. Step: mount filler neck and lid

So quick. These 6 steps are extensively descibed with illustrations in our enclosed REFILL-INSTRUCTIONS.

More Epson laser printer models

We supply refillable toner with refill instructions for quite a lot of Epson laserprinters, namely the following:

EPL C-8000 and C-8200, AcuLaser C-900, AcuLaser C-1000, AcuLaser C-1100, AcuLaser C-1900/C-2000/C-4000/C-4100/C-8500/C-8600/C-9100, AcuLaser C-9200, AcuLaser CX 11 N / NF, AcuLaser C-2800, AcuLaser C-3800, AcuLaser C-1600, CX-16, AcuLaser C-3900, AcuLaser C-1700/C-1750, AcuLaser CX-17, AcuLaser CX-21, AcuLaser C-2900, AcuLaser CX-29

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