Lexmark toner alternative for Lexmark laser printer, for example Lexmark C510

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Toner-Refill instead of Lexmark original toner

Let us show You why toner for the Lexmark C510 and similar laser printers does not necessarily have to be the original toner. The magic word is Refill-Toner. If You are convinced, then You can purchase this refillable toner for Lexmark toner cartrides right in our onlineshop..

Lexmark C510:

The Lexmark C510 is one of the most popular color laser printers by Lexmark. The matching toner is either the original toner by Lexmark or the compatible toner to refill by yourself, also called Refill-Toner. We would like to show You the advantages, especially with the Lexmark C510. It's one of the best sold units of Lexmark for small office and home office needs.

Unusual features with the Lexmark C510:

With the Lexmark C510 you will have to pay attention, that the refilled cartridge is replaced into the printer only after the printer has really indicated this color as empty.

Toner vs Toner-Refill

Do not let it make You uncertain: Toner does not have to come from the original manufacturer! Toner-Refill means to refill the toner in English. You can refill the cartridge provided by Lexmark or have it refilled with our Refill-Service. Toner-Refill is far more reasonably priced compared to a later buy of an original toner cartridge by Lexmark.
Still, our Refilltoner is tuned to the specifics of the Lexmark C510 laser printer. You will meet with no negative consequences concerning functionality. Printer manufacturer, also Lexmark, try to raise the impression that merely original toner may be used and refill toner is of lower quality. These attempts can be explained with the fact that printer manufacturer gain the most profit by selling cartridges, and then subsidize the printers. This principle is known from cell phones. Here, it is even more obvious. Phones are given away and providers profit from following telephonic costs. In case of laser printers the overexpensive original toner assures continuous profits. Avoid this, by alternatively choosing equivalent but more reasonably priced Refill-Toner for Your Lexmark printer like the C510.

Toner for Lexmark C510 for independent refilling: Toner-Refill with refill instructions as an alternative

The refill procedure for Lexmark C510 takes 5 steps. The steps are the following:

  • Step 1: Shake toner bottle well
  • Step 2: Remove the filler neck
  • Step 3: Empty the toner cartridge
  • Step 4: Fill in new toner
  • Step 5: Insert the filler neck

It's so easy. These 5 steps are described in detail and well illustrated in the enclosed REFILL INSTRUCTIONS.

More laser printers by Lexmark

We offer refillable toner with refill instructions for further Lexmark units:

Lexmark Optra C 720 and Optra C1200 and also for the Lexmark C 500 , C 510, C 520 , C 522, C 524, C 530, C 532, C 534, C 910, C 912, C 920, X 502 N, Lexmark C-930/C-935, Lexmark X-560, Lexmark X-940/X-945, Lexmark C-540/543, Lexmark C-544, Lexmark C-546, Lexmark X-543, Lexmark X-544, Lexmark X-546, Lexmark X-548


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