OKI: Toner-Refill for laser printers, like OKI C 3100/3200 or C 5100/5200/5300/5400, compatible!

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Toner-Refill for OKI instead of original toner

We explain the alternative to the original OKI toner for so called color laser printer. Our examples are the well liked OKI C 3100/3200 and C 5100/5200/5300/5400 series. Refill-Toner reduces the costs of laser printer use lastingly. If this seems plausible to You, we offer just the matching compatible OKI toner, that You can fill into the OKI toner cartridge already provided.

Exceptions: The first originally provided cartridges of OKI 3100/3200 and 5200/5400 cannot be refilled. Only later bought cartridges can be refilled.

OKI C 3100, C 3200 and OKI C 5100, C 5200, C 5300, C 5400

The widely distributed OKI C 3100 and OKI C 3200 laser printer just like the 5*** series (5100/5200/ 5300/5400) led to a big demand for refillable toner. That's why even the OKI company became attentiv on us. The reason is, this compatible Refilltoner is far cheaper than the original toner complete with cartridge from OKI. But we see even more advantages in Toner-Refill with compatible toner powder in bottles opposite to the official OKI product.

Toner-Refill for C 3100, C 3200 from OKI, please note:

Reinsert a refilled toner cartridge into the printer, if Your printer has shown „little toner“ in the display for this color .
If You change from one color to the other, always clean the powder funnel with cold water and let it dry before use. We recommend that You purchase 4 new powder funnels with Your next order. You will find these in our component shop.

Toner an toner-refill

Think of the alternative: Toner for OKI is not merely deliverable from the original manufacturer of the device. You are not forced to buy new toner cartridges or printer cartridges by OKI. You can reuse the old ones, it's environmentally friendly as less waste results. Of course, Toner-Refill is also cheaper with OKI laser printers.
Nevertheless, our refill toner is perfectly well compatible for the OKI C 3100/3200 and OKI C 5100, C 5200, C 5300, C 5400.
This means there will be no disadvantages to the functionality. Many printer manufacturer, even OKI sometimes, suggest that only the original toner cartridges offer the best possible quality. Refill-Toner would be judged lower in application. Such judgements may come from the fact that laser printer firms like OKI gain obtainings prior-ranking from toner cartridges and not from the printers. It seems rather that prices of printers are kept low to bind customers permanently to toner cartridges. This relationship can be observed well with cell phones. Phones are sold well below their worth and the phone network providers profit from the arising charges in the long run. In case of the laser printers it is the expensive toner in the cartridge of the manufacturer that complies. The Refill-Toner as a cheaper alternative brought quite a lot of owners of OKI laser printers into our shop. The biggest share of them bought refillable toner for the OKI C 3100/3200 and OKI C 5400, C 5300/200 as well as 5100.

Toner OKI compatible for refilling: Toner-Refill complete with refill instructions for C 3100/3200/5100/5200/5300/5400

The refill procedure for the OKI C 3 and series 5 models consists of 5 steps. The steps chronologically:

  • Step 1: Shake toner bottle well
  • Step 2: Remove the filler neck
  • Step 3: Empty the toner cartridge
  • Step 4: Fill in new toner
  • Step 5: Insert the filler neck

That's it. All ready. For whom it's still too complicated, we offer our Refill-Service. All 5 steps are described in detail in the refill instructions manual, enclosed with the refill toner. Each step is illustrated.

Refill-Toner for laser printer from OKI in our shop:

We offer Refilltoner with refill instructions for the above as well as the following OKI types:

OKI-C-3100/C-3200, OKI C-3300, OKI C-3400, OKI C-3450, OKI C-3520, OKI C-3530, OKI C-3600, OKI C-5100/C-5200/C-5250, OKI C-5300/C-5400, OKI C-5450, OKI C-5510 MFP, OKI C-5540 MFP, OKI C-5550 MFP, OKI C-5600, OKI C-5650, OKI C-5700, OKI C-5750, OKI C-5800, OKI C-5850, OKI C-5900, OKI C-5950, OKI C-7000, OKI C-7100, OKI C-7200, OKI C-7300 Serie, OKI C-7400, OKI C-7500, OKI C-8600, OKI C-8800, OKI C-9000, OKI C-9200, OKI C-9300, OKI C-9400, OKI C-9500, OKI C-9600, OKI C-9650, OKI C-9800, OKI C-9850, OKI MC 560 MFC, OKI C-110/C-130 / OKI MC-160, OKI C-710/C-711, OKI C-810/830, OKI MC-860, OKI-C-310/C-330, OKI MC-351/MC-361, OKI C-510/C-530/MC-561, OKI C-9655, OKI C-910, OKI ES3640, OKI ES3640A3 / Pro, OKI C-610, OKI C-801/821, OKI C-301/321


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