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Toner refill or original toner from Samsung for the CLP?

First of all, Samsung toner as for the Samsung CLP 500/550 laser printer can be replaced by refill toner. We will outline why and how this happens. As soon as You are convinced, you can buy this Samsung compatible Refill-Toner in our online shop TONERFABIK BERLIN. We are also the first to supply refillable toner for the new Samsung CLP 600/650.

The Samsung CLP CLP 500/550 and CLP 600/650 series:

The Samsung CLP CLP 500/550 laser printer and its variant CLP 510 was consistently very successful in the Geman market. It was one of our most popular Refill-Toner. Now that the new model named CLP 600/650 has followed, we expect big demands on this refillable toner as well. You can either get the original toner from Samsung complete with a cartridge, or choose the alternative compatible toner from us, Refill-Toner in a bottle. Refill means nothing else but filling up or refilling.
Advantages of Toner-Refill with powder are at your hands: Prefilled toner cartridges from the manufacturer, also Samsung units, are simply more expensive and produce more garbage, if they are bought anew everytime. Reuse of cartridges and filling them up with toner is cheaper and environmentally appropriate.

Toner-Refill for the Samsung CLP 500/550:

The CLP 500/550 by Samsung and his close relatives demand that You don't wait until all toner has been completely used up. Refill Your toner as soon as the printer display indicates „little toner“.
Note:With the printers CLP 510, CLP 600 and CLP 650 the counter chip on the cartridge must be replaced with each refill. Therefore, the cartridge can be used up completely. There are no menu settings here that only function as long as„little toner“ is indicated, mandatory to outwit the chip, like in the CLP 500/550.

Toner vs toner to refill

Be foresighted, You never have to buy the toner from the manufacturer of the printer. Toner-Refill, means in English to refill toner, means to fill up the cartridge that has been supplied along by Samsung at purchase. Since only the toner powder is bought, Toner-Refill comes far more reasonably priced than a purchase of a complete printer cartridge from Samsung. Our compatible Refill-Toner is always tuned exactly to the needs of your device, so also with the Samsung CLP 550, CLP 510 or CLP 500 and recently CLP 300/350 and 600/650.

There are no troubles to fear, everything works like before. Printer manufacturer like Samsung are engaged to sell original toner. That's why they tend to brand Refill-Toner as less suitable. These tendencies come from the prior-ranking profits of the printer manufacturer through supplying toner cartridges. The devices themselves are subsidized against this. This business model might be acquainted to You from cell phones. The phones themselves are literally given away gratuitously. The printers are still sold just under their worth. The providers really earn through talking time as the printer firms gain on the necessary printing toner. You don't have to put up with it. The more favourable alternative is Refill-Toner. With Samsung also for CLP 500/550, 510 and now also for Samsung CLP 300/350 and 600/650 available.

Independent Toner-Refill for Samsung CLP 500/550 and others: Exact refill instructions for Toner-Refill

The refill procedure for Samsung CLP 500/550 takes 9 steps, see

  • Step 1: shake toner bottle
  • Step 2: remove screws on side B
  • Step 3 remove screws on side A
  • Step 4: remove coverlid
  • Step 5: loosen the cap
  • Step 6: remove the cap
  • Step 7: empty cartridge
  • Step 8: fill in toner
  • Step 9: screw cover lid on

Thus, the refill procedure is finished.

These steps are presented extensively and illustrated in our standard enclosed REFILL INSTRUCTIONS.

Overview Samsung types

Samsung laser printer types for which we can supply toner for refilling, newest first: Samsung CLX 6200 ND, Samsung CLX 6210 FX, Samsung CLX 6240 FX, Samsung CLP 610, Samsung CLP 660, Samsung CLP 300, Samsung CLP 350, Samsung CLX 2160, Samsung CLX 3160, Samsung CLP 650, Samsung CLP 600, Samsung CLP 510, Samsung CLP 550, Samsung CLP 500, Samsung CLP-310/CLP-315 , Samsung CLP-320/CLP-325, Samsung CLX-3170/CLX-3175, Samsung CLP-620/CLP-670, Samsung CLP-770, Samsung CLX-6220/CLX-6250, Samsung CLX-3185, Samsung CLP-415, Samsung CLP-680, Samsung CLX-4195, Samsung CLX-6260


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