Xerox Phaser alternative toner: refillable toner for Xerox Phaser and others.

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Toner-Refill vs Phaser toner from Xerox directly,
for example the Xerox Phaser 6100

Toner for Xerox color laser printers like the Xerox Phaser 6100 can be obtained directly from the manufacturer (Xerox) only prefabricated with a cartridge, or cheaper from us as an compatible refillable variant.
This variant is called Refill-Toner. If You find our arguments conclusive, just visit our Refill-Toner shop online right now. Here, You just need to purchase the compatible toner powder to fill it into the toner cartridge of the printer.

Xerox Phaser 6100 as prime example:

The Phaser 6100 brings in the most customers and counts as the most widely spread laser printer of Xerox' Phaser series. The necessary toner exists as an original toner from Xerox in the market as well as a Xerox toner cartridge compatible toner. This just has to be filled in by yourself or have it filled in by us. Such refillable toner is generally called "Refill-Toner". Toner-Refill, the procedure of refilling, has advantages not only for the Xerox Phaser that You should consider. It's not only the price. But let us take it from the start.

Original toner vs Refill-Toner

Think about it: Your Xerox color laser printer, be it the Xerox Phaser 6100 or others, do not necessarily require the original toner contained in a prefabricated Xerox toner cartridge or printer cartridge. Toner-Refill allows You to reuse the cartridge. The refill is simple to handle, even for beginners, or can be done by us.


Toner-Refill is cheaper. Toner-Refill is environmentally friendly through reuse. The compatibility is assured as each device from the Phaser series, the Phaser 6100 and the others, has a special refill toner that is tuned to the needs of each printer. So there are no problems with the refill procedure and putting it into operation.

Toner cartridges can be used repeatedly before signs of wear appear.

Printer manufacturer like Xerox recommend sometimes only to use toner from original cartridges. Refill-Toner may possibly be second-rate. These statements are based on the need to compensate the artificially low printer prices rather than on real tests or customer complaints. The subsidizing of prices of devices is not reprehensible. It is normal in this or a similar way to other branches too, as in mobile phones. It is commonly known: the expensive cell phone is given away and its cost compensated through the monthly charges of long-term contracts.

This function is here taken on by the laser printer of the manufacturer. Compare the prices of the original and the compatible Refill-Toner and decide for yourself. There is an alternative and the quality is the same.

Attention all Xerox Phaser users!

Please refill the respective toner cartridge with Refilltoner only after the display shows „empty“. Also observe: for refilling the cartridges you definitely need new counter chips, which can be purchased in our shop.

Toner for Xerox Phaser easily refilled according to the refill instructions.

The instructions are divided into 9 steps to refill the Xerox Phaser 6100. These are:

  • Step 1: shake toner bottle
  • Step 2: remove screws on side B
  • Step 3: remove scews on side A
  • Step 4: remove lid cover
  • Step 5: loosen the cap
  • Step 6: remove the cap
  • Step 7: empty the toner cartridge
  • Step 8: fill in toner
  • Step 9: screw cover lid on

The refilling is finished.

Our enclosed REFILL-INSTRUCTIONS explain everything in detail step by step with pictures.

Xerox laser printer Phaser series

You can also purchase Refill-Toner for the following Xerox models: Phaser 540, Phaser 550, Phaser 560, Phaser 740, Phaser 750, Phaser 780, Phaser 790, Phaser 1235, Phaser 2135, Phaser 6000/6010, Phaser 6100, Phaser 6110, Phaser 6120, Phaser 6125, Phaser 6130, Phaser 6180, Phaser 6200, Phaser 6250, Phaser 6280, Phaser 6300, Phaser 6350, Phaser 6360, Phaser 7300, Phaser 7400, Phaser 7700, Phaser 7750, Phaser 6121 MFP, Phaser 6140, Phaser 7760, Xerox Phaser 6500, Xerox Phaser 6128 MFP, Xerox Workcentre 6505, Xerox Phaser 7500 just to name a few.

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