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What is PayPal?

Yes we accept Paypal

What is PayPal?

What is PayPal and how does it work?

PayPal is a safer, simpler way to send and receive money online.

You can pay for items you buy on line, or you can use PayPal to send money quickly and safely to anyone with an email address.

You can pay with money held in your PayPal account balance or use another payment method such as a credit card, debit card or your bank account.

Once you sign up for a PayPal account, you just need to select PayPal as your payment method when you shop online. Websites that accept PayPal will show the PayPal logo in their checkout. You will be asked to log in to your account with your email address and password to confirm the payment. PayPal never shares your financial information with sellers or retailers.

It’s free to sign up for a PayPal account.

What if I dont have a paypal account?

Its ok, if you dont have a paypal account you can still place an order. Once you checkout you will go through to paypal, select that you dont have a paypal account, then you can securely enter your card details.

What are the Benefits of Using PayPal?

* It's fast – payments are immediate. It's quicker than accepting cheques or postal orders.
* It's global – PayPal is accepted worldwide, and can be used to make payments locally or internationally.
* It's trusted – industry-leading fraud prevention helps keep you reassured.
* It's cost-effective – no hidden charges,
* It's preferred by customers – PayPal is easy to use and does not reveal customers' financial details.

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